The Epic Games Store is leaking its free-to-play game Forever on December 30 in a Christmas promotion

The digital store is about to reveal its new free game, although it has already been leaked previously.

There are only a few minutes left until it is announced The next free game in the Epic Games Store's Christmas promotion. In total, there will be 17 titles that will be given away for free The digital store for Fortnite admins, so more and more options are reduced, because with today's title there will be 12 titles conceded, although the currently available title is already facing its last hours available in this format. now, The next character who will be the protagonist has already been leaked.

To find out we have to go through the usual filter of this promotion and everything related to free games in this sector: kun bilbil, Which at the moment is one hundred percent correct in all the predictions he made regarding free games on the Epic Games Store. In this way, the user indicates which game will be released Starting at 5:00pm (Spanish Peninsula time) today, December 30thHe is Saints row. Naturally, we will have to wait for confirmation of this leak from the digital store, but no one is questioning at this point the leaks from the aforementioned user. Remember that, Once you claim it, it will join your library forever From Epic Games Store titles.

Saints Row, a potential new free game from the Epic Games Store for Christmas

As a future leader, with Neenah, Kevin, and Eli by your side, you'll create Saints and take on Los Panteros, Idols, and Marshall as you build your empire. On the streets of Santo Eliso you have to fight for control of the city. Ultimately, Saints Row is a startup story, only Saints are in the crime business. Enjoy the biggest and best stadium ever built on Saints Row; Santo Eliso's sprawling, unique environment serves as the backdrop to a sprawling sandbox of exciting shenanigans, criminal enterprises, and mind-boggling quests; The road to the top is filled with shooting, reckless driving, and wingsuit flying.

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So it just stays Wait for the leak to be confirmed for the new free-to-play game from the Epic Games Store From the Christmas promotion, something you can find out in just a few minutes, starting at 5:00 PM (Spanish Peninsula time), as usual.

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