The electoral headquarters handed over to Putin the official signatures as a candidate

“It is a very important day for us, as we deliver signatures to the Central Election Commission. They are signatures from all regions of our country, and today we brought 315 thousand,” said co-chair of the headquarters Marianna Lysenko.

According to the CCE, about 95 boxes containing subscription forms granting Putin the status of the first self-proclaimed candidate were delivered and their signatures of support were submitted.

As co-chair of the headquarters, Vladimir Mashkov, explained, in total Putin's supporters collected 10 times the signatures required by law, demonstrating their massive support.

The head of the Central Election Commission, Ella Pamfilova, previously announced the names of the 11 applicants for the Russian presidential elections.

Three candidates from parliamentary parties were officially registered: Leonid Slutsky (Liberal Democratic Party), Vladislav Davankov (New People's Party), and Nikolai Kharitonov (Communist Party).

Among other political parties, there were: Sergei Malinkovych (Communists of Russia), Boris Nadezhdin (Civic Initiative), Andrei Bogdanov (Russian Freedom and Justice Party), Sergei Baburin (Union of the Russian People), Irina Sviridova (Democratic Party of Russia). Russia ).

Pamfilova explained that the candidates presented independently were Vladimir Putin, the Russian Rada and Anatoly Batashev

He pointed out that the Russian electoral law indicates that candidates for parliamentary parties do not need to collect signatures from voters, “while candidates who declare themselves must collect at least 300,000 signatures, so that each region in Russia has at least 7.5 thousand signatures.”

As for applicants from non-parliamentary parties, they must submit no less than 100,000 and no more than 105,000 signatures of voters, and a maximum of 2,500 signatures per region.

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The presidential elections are scheduled to be held from March 15 to 17, 2024, and the Central Elections Commission will announce final registration on February 10.


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