The elected President of Panama takes office

The constitutional law was drawn up in the juvenile hall of the Electoral Court when the new president received the credentials of judges Alfredo Junca, Eduardo Valdés and Luis Guerra.

At the ceremony attended by the 17 ministers appointed to form the next government, among other figures, Molyneux made statements to the press about the selection of the Board of Directors of the Social Security Fund, which he reiterated that he would reject this selection. Dates that make the membership actually expire.

“The whole country is suspicious of this board that put an end to Social Security,” he noted, pointing out one of the areas that the new government must address in the face of persistent complaints from the population regarding the only government institution that takes care of pensioners. And retirees, but it is going through one of the worst structural and financial crises.

With the handing over of credentials to Molino, the process of transferring leadership by the administration began, ending with Laurentino Cortizo as president.

As part of the appointments, the future head of state also appointed Luisa Napolitano on the day as the new Director General of the Kowloon Free Zone, the second largest free zone in the world, although this position must be approved by the National Assembly (Parliament). ) which will also begin its regular sessions next July.

On 5 May, in a one-round general election, the standard-bearer of the Achievement and Alliance Parties became the new president of the Isthmus State with 778,763 votes (34.2 percent).

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The elections were held at a time when Panama was suffering from deep-rooted corruption attacks, a downgrade of its investment grade by a risk rating agency, and a growing wave of migrants heading to the United States, through the dangerous Darien jungle. , on the border with Colombia.


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