The Ecuadorian Electoral Council announces the results of the 2021 elections – Prensa Latina

The data was presented in the instance’s plenary session after a long session that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.

In a press release, the organization announced that the presidential duo competing in the second round of voting will be representatives of the Progressive Alliance Unión por la Esperanza UNES (Andrés Arauz-Carlos Rabascall) and the center-right movement CREO (Guillermo Lasso). Alfredo Porero)

According to estimates, the UNES duo reached 3 million 33,753 votes, by 32.72 per cent, and the European Union duo received the support of 1 million 830 thousand and 45 votes, representing 19.74 percentage points.

In third place was the Pachacutec party with its pairing Yaku Pérez-Virna Cedeño, who reached 19.39 percent and is currently leading the mobilization of indigenous peoples and nationalities, after denouncing alleged electoral fraud to influence support in elections for your candidacy.

The highest electoral body took this opportunity to thank and congratulate the work done by the members of the vote-receiving councils and in support of the matches of the national police, the armed forces, and the cooperating public and private institutions.

The second round, or poll, is scheduled for April 11th, after the election campaign to be held across the national territory in March.

Final numbers are being presented amid requests from the Comptroller General to conduct an audit of CNE’s computer systems, given inconsistencies reported by Perez and Pachakutik in various electoral records, raising concerns about possible attempts to influence the transparency of the process.

The audit will be in charge of the state attorney general’s office, which will collect information from the digital content of the database managed by the electoral computer system and will conduct expertise in the forensic computer field.

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In this regard, Andres Arouz, winner of the first round, plans to issue a statement on this day after considering that there is a request from the Office of the Comptroller and the Prosecutor to influence the second electoral round, which implies an electoral coup.

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