The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean warns of a slowdown in regional trade in 2023

Starting Tuesday, the headquarters of this UN body in Chile will host the seventh meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Port Logistics Communities, which will run until next Friday.

Keiji Inoue, ECLAC official in charge of the trade division, explained that forecasts for the region this year point to a 2.0 percent increase in the value of exports and a 1.0 percent decrease in exports and imports, after increases of 20 and 20 percent. 24 in 2022, respectively.

He said that these significant declines are the result of lower demand from our main trading partners and weak economic activity in the region.

He considered that in this adverse global and regional context, Latin America and the Caribbean could not be left behind and must strengthen their resilience to future external shocks.

This is why we at ECLAC consider physical and digital infrastructure, multimodal transport and modern logistics essential to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods and services.

The meeting is organized by the Economic System of Latin America and the Caribbean, in cooperation with the Development Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Among its objectives is the analysis of the development and development of the maritime sector in the region and its connection with other means of transport, especially the more sustainable ones.

The meeting is part of Sela’s programs for economic integration and trade facilitation. Among the topics to be discussed are the digital and cooperative port network, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, and the ability to adapt to climate change.

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The relationship between the coastal city and the region, logistical corridors, the role of women in this sector and the challenges of maritime and river transport will also be studied.


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