The duration of Bowser’s anger has been revealed in Super Mario 3D World

It won’t be long before launch Super Mario 3D World + Fury BowserOne of the exclusive features of Nintendo Switch Most important for this year. As such, we are constantly learning new details, and today we learned how long the expansion included in the game will last.

Thanks to some characters in the middle who had the opportunity to play A. Preview From Chariot angerIt was revealed that it takes roughly three hours to complete, but those looking to complete it 100% it may take up to six hours to complete.

Honestly, it’s a pretty decent height considering it’s listed for free indoors Super Mario 3D World. In addition to changing to accuracy, Nintendo As well He improved many of its elements Play, Such as the speed at which the characters move as well as some other attacks and moves.

Super Mario 3D World + Fury Bowser I’ll paint him Nintendo Switch next one February 12, 2021.


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