The authorities will reactivate agreements with Canada in the field of science and technology

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. – The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Franklin García Fermin, and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, agreed to reactivate the agreements in the arrangement of science and technology that were signed between the Dominican Republic and Canada, in addition to coordinating activities for the summit to be held in 2022.

During the meeting held in the chancellor’s office, the official and Garcia Fermin discussed issues related to both institutions, in relation to scholarships and scientific activities carried out by the state and international universities.

They agreed that directing agreements, meetings and developing scientific programs of an international character would be done through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They also discussed issues of signing several agreements signed in the field of higher education, science and technology between the Dominican and Canadian governments.

In this sense, they agreed that through the new extraordinary ambassador and delegate of the Dominican Republic to Canada, Michael Cohen, they would reactivate those agreements that were signed in the educational system.

They also addressed the issue of the meeting to be held in the Dominican Republic in 2022, which declared the International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development, by the seventy-sixth General Assembly of the United Nations.

In this sense, it was decided that the country would be the headquarters for organizing activities that would be developed through the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in compliance with the United Nations Declaration of Unity.

To continue the celebration of this event, the MESCYT Minister and the Chancellor held the first meeting in an effort to develop the temporal work that would be exhausted.

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Likewise, García Fermin and Alvarez discussed the topic of the summit of heads of state at the Ibero-American Conference, which will have its headquarters in 2022.

The Summit of Ibero-American Heads of State will be a regional event, while the one to be established by the United Nations, through UNESCO, will be global.

MESCYT and MIREX expressed their desire to strengthen their cooperative relations, endorse commitments to work and strengthen their joint actions.

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