The Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom seek to develop priority infrastructure projects for the country – El Nuevo Diario (Dominican Republic)

President of the Republic Louis Abi Nader; Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez; and British Business and Trade Secretary Lord Offord of Garvill, CVO. (Image: external source)

El Nuevo Diario, Santo Domingo – The Dominican Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland signed an agreement under which the two countries agreed to cooperate in the implementation of infrastructure projects that are a priority for the country, especially in this sector. Water, transport, health and energy.

The agreement was signed in the presence of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Roberto Alvarez, and the Secretary of State for Business and Trade of the United Kingdom, Lord Offord de Garville, who sealed the commitment to exchange technical knowledge to implement these infrastructure projects.

This information was published through a press release, in which the Authority indicated that this agreement was concluded for the first time in the history of the bilateral relationship.

“The areas that are considered key sectors for project development within the framework of this agreement are precisely those that represent the priorities of the government of President Abi Nader, whose commitment to the progress and development of the country and with it the improvement of the quality of life of our citizens. Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez said: “Today, the Republic of “The Dominicans and the United Kingdom are another step forward in their relations, reaffirming their nature as a strategic alliance and allowing the exploitation of endless possibilities of mutual benefit, cooperation and shared prosperity.”

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For his part, British Minister Lord Offord of Garvill said: “I am pleased to be in Santo Domingo to celebrate the beginning of a new alliance between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic. The agreement between the governments will strengthen trade relations between the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean region.” “This will also unlock a pipeline of projects worth more than £2 billion, helping to increase exports and drive economic growth.”

British Business and Trade Minister Lord Offord of Garvill CVO.

The parties agreed to select a working group to define the construction to be implemented, which will also be responsible for defining the phased work approach, monitoring progress, setting delivery dates and managing financing, programs and innovative technologies for construction. Business.

In the working group to be established, UK representatives are expected to support Dominican representation through knowledge transfer, capacity development, project financing models, investment attraction and in other relevant thematic areas. together. In addition, they will work to promote the transfer of knowledge from the private sector to the government and Dominican Republic teams to implement selected infrastructure projects.

Foreign Minister Roberto Alvarez. (Image: external source)

The Senate President attended the signing ceremony. Ministers of the Presidency of the Republic, Presidential Administration, Interior and Police, Public Health, Energy and Mines, and Housing and Buildings. In addition, Merex's Deputy Ministers, the UK Ambassador to the country, private sector representatives, and other officials from both governments.

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