Spartan: The Scottish Prime Minister promises to hold a new referendum

And Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon promised this If you win the May elections To renew the local parliament, it will promote a new consultative referendum to decide If they should become independent from the United KingdomDespite the fact that the only person who could summon a popular counsel to leave the country is the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

“I want a legal referendum, that’s what I will pursue in May, the power of the Scottish people, and if they give me that, what I intend to do.” It is a legal referendum to give people the right to choose. This is democracy. “This is not what I or Boris Johnson want,” the current head of the Scottish government said in an interview with the BBC.

The sturgeon made this promise the same day that the Sunday Times newspaper was published in Britain Poll says 52% of Scots support independence, As reported by the French news agency.

In 2004, in the midst of a climate of extreme expectations and a highly polarized scenario, Scotland went to the polls to determine its independence from the United Kingdom.

Brexit and the European Union

The central argument for those in favor of remaining under the British crown was that secession would mean leaving the European Union, a warning that the bloc’s powers were further deepened by asserting that an independent Scotland would take time to become a member.

No won the polls, but only two years later, the country as a whole has voted for Brexit In Scotland the result was the opposite – today the UK is already completely outside the European Union.

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That’s why Sturgeon has always called for a new referendum on independence to decide the future of the region, now outside the European Union.

But legally, the person who should call a new referendum on independence is the kingdom’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, a hard-line Brexit advocate who has denied that possibility time and time again.

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