The doctor who terrorized the world with his false regenerative medicine

Between 2011 and 2014, the surgeon Paolo Macchiarini Made eight Experimental transplants From the classified trachea Mother cells. However, the career and achievements of the doctor-turned-celebrity and pioneer of regenerative medicine turned out to be a lie.

Not only did seven of his patients die during the interventions, they were also discovered Negligence In their practical practices, for example not conducting experiments on animals before trying organ transplants on humans, as well as falsifying data in their research.

His story and the consequences of his actions are told in the documentary series Netflix: “The Great Surgeon of Deception”, available in the app, tells in three episodes how his farce was constructed.

The documentary includes testimonies from relatives of the victims and doctors who denounced Paolo and his former fiancée, journalist Benita Alexander, whom he deceived and assured her that he would marry in a ceremony that he himself would celebrate. Pope Franciscoamong other things.

According to the ABC website, the surgeon was sentenced in Sweden in June this year to 2.5 years in prison for his artificial bronchial operations, although complainants fear he will end up enjoying part of his sentence in a home with views. The sea in Barcelona.

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