Lidl Spain exports talent to the UK and the US

The company's General Manager, Ferran Figueras, and the General Manager of Purchasing and Trade, Miguel Paradilla, will contribute their more than twenty years of experience to the Lidl Group beyond the national territory.

Lidl Spain says goodbye to Figueras and Paradela, both of whom have more than twenty years of experience on the company's management committee. The company wants the two experts to contribute their expertise in strategic markets such as the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively.

Following the departure of both, Nicolas Kiefer will take over the position of General Manager Administration and Finance of Lidl Spain from 1 February 2024, and Carlos González Villardel will be responsible for purchasing and commercial management from 1 February.

Kiefer has more than eight years of experience and has managed departments such as finance and accounting in countries such as Switzerland or Denmark. For his part, González Villardel has already held various management positions at Lidl. In 2022, he took up the position of Director General of Procurement and Trade in Ireland, which he is now leaving to return to the Peninsula.

Since 2005, the department store chain has had an internal training program for future managers designed to discover profiles with high managerial potential.

Banner image (from left to right): Nicholas Kiefer, Carlos Gonzalez-Villardel

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