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CASTAñOS, COAHUILA – In less than 3 months of work, Castaños City Council, headed by Dr. Juan Antonio Garza García, has demonstrated its commitment to meeting the needs of rural communities on an equal footing with those of urban residents. Implementation of more than 7 works to improve water supply, cleaning and water disposal, among many other actions for the benefit of these communities.

To continue to listen and provide solutions to the requests of all residents of Castaños ejidos, on Tuesday afternoon the Mayor, along with Treasurer, Juan Antonio Campozano Oviedo, and Director of Public Works, Homero Borrego, toured Santa Teresa and San Lorenzo.

In the first community, authorities promised to rehabilitate one of their water wells this week to solve the shortage of vital fluid they face, as far as they went to assess what repairs it would entail.

In addition, in support of the nation’s servants in the Department of Welfare, all doubts of its residents regarding active federal programs for them were resolved.

Later, in ejido San Lorenzo, known as “El Tanquito”, the authorities also entered one of its ponds to assess the water removal work that will begin in the coming days.

These works will be added to those already carried out in other ejidos, such as the repair of the Bocatoche-Santo Domingo road, the cleaning of the water pit in Palo Blanco ejido, the cleaning of another pond in El Granjeno, the installation of photovoltaic cells for the operation of the water well of El Zago ejido, as well as Tons of sand and gravel removed from the aqueducts of La Gloria ejido, known as “El Marquez”.

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It should be noted that, in addition, through the Ministry of Rural Development, local producers are supported with a program to acquire low-cost bags of sorghum seeds and the opening of a local unit of the Agricultural Prosecutor’s Office in Civil Affairs, the Independencia Neighborhood Center that will take care of all types of ejidatarios in Castaños every 15 days .

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