Eza Gonzalez exudes a chic pink look in Paris

Eza Gonzalez He is in Paris, France working on promoting his latest movie, AmbulanceThe same one who works with him Jack Gyllenhaal And the Yahya Abdel-Mateen.

The Mexican celebrities Filmed by paparazzi Arriving at her hotel, parading along the sidewalks, she cut through the elegance and splendor that characterizes her old pink set of three pieces.

She stood in front of the cameras waiting for her wearing high-waisted pants, which highlighted her Kilometer legs And the Small waist.

. has been added Jacket A button-up turtleneck and a striped top to match, as well as a pair of chunky-heeled ankle boots.

Photo: Grosby Group

finish a look With hoop earrings in gold, discreet rings, a fresh and elegant manicure.

wore him beauty appeared with Make-up In tan colors, lipstick naked and a base coat that gave her skin the effect of porcelain; Her hair was cut in the middle and straight tufts down the back.

He was pretending to be cheerful and friendly, as if he was full take a picture. She was later seen with the same look leaving her hotel; Just added sunglasses Prada And a pastel pink asymmetric bag.

in the last days an actress32 years old, used to work in Paris Along with his fellow stars, he appeared in exclusive premieres and did promotions.

Capture the attention of locals and strangers during Ambulance premiere celebrate in Cinema UGC Normandy Parisian city.

She walked the red carpet in a .-inspired salmon pink satin dress Greek gods It was selected by Elizabeth Saltzman From the exclusive Fall/Winter 2022 collection from Stella McCartney.

The Clothes She appeared in a one-shoulder asymmetric gown embellished with diamond detailing; Add matching diamond bracelets and earrings.

for this part, Jack Gyllenhaal He combined his outfit with a loose-fitting light blue jacket, a light blue shirt, and black pants; Yahya He looked elegant and luxurious in a black satin coat, black shirt and pencil pants. the three stars They stood together before entering the show.

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The ambulance tells the story of two adopted brothers thieves During one of their attacks, the banks stole an ambulance that was operated by an injured policeman and paramedic Cam Thompson The role played by Isa.

In an interview he gave to in my handsThe actress revealed details of her performance in the new version of the movie film Of the same name released in 2005 and the difficulties faced by production in the midst of pandemic.

“When I’m doing a role, I really like to dive into it, so I would have loved to take an ambulance for a minute, but that was impossible,” he said.

He added, “It was the first time in my life that I had to work out to prepare for a role because everyone in that role (in real life) is busy; there is no way to talk to doctors or EMTs because they are busy. Even getting ambulances was difficult. truly “.

The film is produced and directed by Michael BayIt will be shown for the first time in early April United State, Currently in theaters United kingdomAnd the France and other European countries.


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