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Source: Nature

at recent days, a pot She shared revealing data about an interesting phenomenon that has left scientists baffled and astonished the world's population. According to the space agency, 56% of the global sea surface has undergone a significant change in shape color In the past two decades.

The achievement of unraveling this puzzle was achieved through the use of Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS)an instrument aboard the Aqua satellite of a pot. When analyzing this data, scientists noticed a noticeable change in… color From the ocean, revealing that much of this phenomenon is attributable to more green Which embraced vast sea spaces. But why did it change? color From the ocean?

the a pot He gives us a great perspective by explaining that color of the ocean surface serves as an indicator of the underwater ecosystem. In this case, the shift in water tone reveals changes in communities PhytoplanktonThey are microscopic organisms that perform photosynthesis and play a vital role in the aquatic food web and the carbon cycle. This color change confirms the expectations associated with Climate change It refers to changes in the ecosystems that make up 70% of the Earth's surface: our ecosystem Oceans.

The focus of the study Focus on tropical and subtropical regions, excluding high latitudes and coastal waters for more accurate and reliable results. The researchers immediately ruled out the possibility that it was Plastic Or pollutants were responsible for this change, because they are not widespread enough to have a widespread impact.

The team led by Kyle discovered a trend in color from the ocean, which, although predicted by climate models, was expected to take 30 to 40 years for data to be confirmed. However, a new method that includes all visible light provided strong results, confirming this trend over just 20 years.

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Now, it is difficult to pinpoint the precise environmental changes responsible for these new forms. However, scientists suggest that it could be the result of different combinations of… Plankton and detrital particles, as well as possible interference of Zooplankton. Current information does not provide definitive answers about specific changes, but invites us to explore mysterious underwater realms with a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity.

What we do know is that in the last two decades, we have had… Oceans I became more StratificationThis means that surface water, which is responsible for absorbing excess heat resulting from a warming climate, is now less likely to mix with deeper, nutrient-rich layers. This change in Stratification Supports spread Plankton They are adapted to nutrient-poor environments, suggesting an interesting relationship between ocean temperature and biogenic change color which we witnessed.

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