The digital future of gambling

Since the introduction of online gambling in the 1990s, the gambling market has grown exponentially. Today, it is practically possible to find a new casino almost every single day of the year. This widened horizon exists for both casino gamblers and sports bettors. Below, we will discuss what the future of the gambling market might entail, given its digital freedom.

Innovative marketing

The digitalization of the gambling market has created an innovative marketing field, where gaming companies use campaigns such as the Betfred Promo Code to attract new players to their websites. Many gambling firms also use the familiarity marketing strategy by using famous celebrities in advertisements to create positive connotations.

These types of advertising may only become more and more common as gambling firms further understand social media algorithms and advertisement patterns.

Metaverse and socialization

Another likely development is the deeper connection to the Metaverse. The Metaverse is an upcoming virtual reality realm where users can interact and play games and make transaction, all while in a shared and interlinked 3D digital space. Some think of it as an advanced form of the video game SIMS, but for real people.

The Metaverse brings with it a challenging idea of virtual or augmented reality. For gambling, in particular, this is a process that has already begun, as some online gaming firms are already incorporating elements of AR/VR. See for example Pokémon Go, which became a big hit in 2017-2018.

This will also bring a fun development to betting, which may expand the markets of fantasy leagues or eGaming to new heights.

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Artificial Intelligence

In a similar vain to the Metaverse, there has long been talk of artificial intelligence into the world of online gambling. All over the world, researchers at various universities are trying to understand and work out systems where AI technologies can help identify and take action against problem gambling and gambling addiction.

However, as is made clear in this New York Times article, there are several difficult steps to overcome first. For example, there are not few and not any single strong identifying factors that indicate problem gambling, but rather a large web of interrelated factors. Once a player has been flagged, the data must still be shared with human psychologists and experts. Then the experts have to explain the system to the indicated customer in a productive way.


There are several digital technologies that will keep the online gambling market as innovative and fresh as ever. Whether these developments will surface next year or in ten years remains to be seen, but whichever year it happens will be an exciting one for the gambling community.

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