The dark side of the moon

the City of Arts and Sciences Valencia expands opening hours and activities starting this weekend and this summer presents a renewed offer in which space is the protagonist with new exhibitions at the Museu de les Cièciens and the private planetarium program at Hemisfèric.

“summer nights”, which begins this Thursday, June 20, at 7 p.m., and will be held from June 25 to September 5, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at 8 p.m. They are live narrated sessions during which what appears on the screen is explained to the audience, especially the most representative constellations at this time of year and the invisible lines that tell legendary stories. Nebulae, star clusters, the remains of dying stars, Saturn, the most famous rings of the universe or some of the strangest moons in the solar system are on display thanks to the Hemisfèric projection system

In the planetarium show, it also highlights “Astronauts” It is aimed at family audiences and takes place on the first Sunday of the month at 12 noon, meaning there is a children’s planetarium on July 7, August 4 and September 1. Through this live show, little ones get started on space science and discover the world around them through fun graphics, stories and drawings. Animated.

In addition, starting July 10, the Hemisfèric billboard includes a musical planetarium in Fulldome 2D format “Pink Floyd: The Dark Side of the Moon” Designed by the legendary British music group. With the help of modern technology, the show combines stunning images of the universe with the music of the famous album. “Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon” is a non-narrative planetarium in which music is accompanied by images of the moon, space, the International Space Station, animated laser images, and other amazing proposals. Also highlights the “Northern Lights”. “Northern Lights” which allows you to contemplate this stunning spectacle of intense light on full display and learn what it really consists of and what the secret behind auroral colors is. Hemisfèric’s offering also includes the films “Animal Kingdom” and “Oceans” in 2D Fulldome format, “The Enchanted Reef: Kaluoka’hina 3D” and “Walking Among Dinosaurs”. Prehistoric Planet 3D, and the IMAX films “Amazon Adventure” and “Secrets of the Universe.”

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How to become an astronaut at Museu de les Ciècies

The Museu de les Cièency, open from 10am to 9pm from June 22 to September 8, presents three new exhibitions dedicated to space this summer: “The Moon at Your Fingertips.”Mediterranean sea“And “Up to Space.” “A space mission” complements what the museum already offers about the planet Mars and “zero gravity” space exploration. In addition to expanding the scientific workshop sessions and various activities.

New exhibition »Up to space. Space mission«Invites you to live an adventure in space. The audience learns about the life of astronauts through many interactive devices, virtual reality and original objects. Visitors can test their skills, such as driving a lunar rover from Earth or simulating jumping on the low-gravity moon suspended from a belt and virtual reality glasses.

the sample ‘The moon is at your fingertips He offers a tour of Earth’s only satellite, from the first observations to the new Artemis space missions that reference it. Furthermore, the “Mediterranean” exhibition showcases the Mediterranean of today and yesterday through images obtained from the most advanced space technology available.

Among other proposals, visitors to the Museu de les Cièency can also attend the “Science Theater”, which presents two shows: the scientific musical “Ramona y Cajal”. Secret Museum and “High Voltage” about the phenomenon of electricity. Live experimental workshops “Science on Stage” will also be held in several sessions throughout the day until September 29.

Outdoor sculptures

Ciutat de les Arts i les Cièency hosts the first public exhibition of sculptures by artist Pablo Achugarry held in Spain which can be visited outside the complex on a free tour. “Achugari.” Towards the future” It suggests a dialogue between architecture and the sculptures themselves. The pieces are located from the Museu de les Cièency to the Palau de les Arts via Hemisfèric. “Achugari.” “Toward the Future” consists of “Harmony,” “Coral Energy,” “Living Time” made of Carrara marble, and the bronze sculptures “Flower,” “Star of Light,” “Journey toward Dreams” and “Toward the Future.” ‘ made of steel.

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