The danger of living on the edge of a precipice in the UK

A new bite on the cliff has caused uneasiness in Nevin, off the coast of Wales. For several days, giant mountain blocks have collapsed on the beaches in various parts of the United Kingdom. This phenomenon became more frequent and the feeling of insecurity prevailed in this city of just over 2,600 inhabitants. Some deserted their homes for fear of being swallowed up.

Similar landslides have occurred recently in other parts of the country, such as Seton in the south or the Habsburgs in the east.

Sandy cliff towns like Nevin are experiencing the effects of marine erosion. This has always been the case, although climate change appears to have greatly accelerated the phenomenon.

Malcolm Kirby, founder of Coastal Watch Action, shows us a picture of the region from 2004. “We are here today,” he explains, pointing to the photo. “At that time, you couldn’t see the sea from that direction. There were homes everywhere.” Now it is only a few meters away.

In some parts of the country, homes are being demolished and residents compensated. In other cases, there is no help and they feel disconnected. “The state is not doing enough,” Malcolm Kirby denounces.

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