Pedro Castillo and Keiko Fujimori promised millions of doses of Sputnik V if they won

They both appeared in a square in Chota, a small Andean town of Cajamarca, 2,300 meters above sea level, to present their government’s plans at a meeting not organized by the electoral office, but by the parties. After marches and counter-marches about their implementation.

“I greet the Russian ambassador from Chota, (with whom) we met closely yesterday and he has ensured that from July 28 we will have 20 Millions Of vaccinations “From the first two weeks of August,” said Pedro Castillo, who leads the polls of voting intentions.

Kiko Fujimori, the daughter of the former, said: “We will bring the Coronavirus vaccine, and yes, we have also spoken with the Russian ambassador and we have contacts with all laboratories in the world to make vaccination of all Peruvians a reality this year.” President. Alberto Fujimori, Was imprisoned for crimes against humanity.

Currently the government of the Interim President Francisco Sagasti For months he has been negotiating to get 20 million doses of vaccines Sputnik f From Russia for distribution in Peru, but this was delayed due to lack of final contract formulation.

Peru is experiencing the worst moment of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, With 61,477 deaths and 1.8 million injured, in the context of a crisis in the hospital system and a slow vaccination program.

The country has entered into agreements to buy 48 million doses of vaccines, but so far only 2.4 million doses of vaccine formulations have arrived. PfizerAnd the Sinopharm s AstraZeneca.

Pedro Castillo emphasized that the epidemic crisis in Peru is not a health problem, but an economic and moral one. The 51-year-old professor and union member said, “It is the product of the implementation of this neoliberal model, which has determined that the health of the population is not a constitutional right.”

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Meanwhile, Keiko Fujimori, who is running for the presidency for the third time, said that in any possible government, infection control will change and set aside the so-called “rapid tests”, which were “blindfolded”.

The left-wing candidate who proposes to rewrite the constitution to Weakening the business elite and giving the state a dominant role in the economy, Took the opportunity to press charges against his rival by reminding him of his past related to corruption and abuse cases committed during his father’s government.

In response, the right-wing candidate accused her opponent of wanting to lead Peru into a class struggle, and “jumping into the abyss” with a radical left-wing ideology. “The policy of communism is lying and lying, so that something remains in the people,” he said.

In the debate, Pedro Castillo reiterated his proposal to “review” contracts for foreign companies that exploit natural resources such as gas and mining, to ensure that 70% of their profits remain in the country.

Meanwhile, Keiko Fujimori, who is accused by taxes of money laundering, a charge she denies, said that 40% of the royalties collected by regions for exploiting raw materials are distributed “directly to residents”.

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