The Daily Mirror publishes a story about the British Finance Minister with a picture of a man who is not him

In what at first glance looked like a mistake, the Daily Mirror took control for a few moments All eyes on the UK. Last Saturday, the aforementioned media outlets published a story about the country’s Finance Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, which appeared under the title “Kwasi Kwarteng said he had to do something different with the small budget… small budgets.”

What was striking about the news itself was not the headline of the news, in the midst of the economic crisis after the pound fell to its worst level since 1971 and the Bank of England raised interest rates. The photo was curious, as at first glance it might appear to be the Minister of Finance himself. However, the newspaper was confused and put down Another man with the same clothes and the same skin colorbut it was not Kwasi Kwarteng.

The minister himself wanted to respond to the news, so he revealed the post with the wrong image and the message, “This is not me… Daily Mirror” (“That's not me, Daily Mirror.”). The state of confusion unleashed all kinds of jokes on social media, and the tweet published by the Minister of Finance received nearly 50,000 likes. In such situations, humor prevails, and this helps to deal with these innocent confusions better.

There is no Conservative party on the ballot

Barely a month after Liz Truss began her term as Prime Minister, opinion polls suggest the Conservative Party would hit historic lows if a general election was held now. The business benefits from conservative clothingIts leader, Keir Starmer, is running as the most likely candidate in the upcoming elections, where, according to opinion polls, his party can achieve the absolute majority that Liz Truss and her people now enjoy.

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Right now, Truss and her team still have a year and a half to change the poll results. The Daily Mirror's protagonist, Kwasi Kwarteng, has positioned himself as one of Truss's strongmen, but is noticeably weakened by the pound falling to its lowest level since 1971 following the Prime Minister's tax cut. And where he was directly involvedBeing the Minister of Finance.

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