China promotes international cooperation and openness at the Davos Forum

Chinese Premier Li Qiang stressed that Beijing will not violate its commitments or force others to choose sides, stressing the country's firm stance in defending multilateralism.

“No matter how the global situation develops, China will maintain the basic policy of opening-up and will increasingly open its doors to the outside,” he stressed at the Davos Forum.

At another time, the Prime Minister stressed that scientific and technological achievements should benefit all of humanity instead of being exploited to restrict the development of other countries.

Li warned that a lack of trust exacerbates risks to global economic growth and peaceful development.

In this regard, he stated that there are cases in bilateral and multilateral relations in which the unilateralism of one of the parties affects mutual trust.

He urged the Chinese leader to respect the substantive laws of the international division of industrial labor and continue to improve the stability of global supply and production chains to meet the common interests of all.

He also warned that the fragmented struggle of countries, in the midst of global crises, will make the global economy more fragile.

The Davos Forum, established by German economist and businessman Klaus Schwab, is considered the most important in the economic field.

The event, scheduled to take place from January 15 to 19, brings together top business leaders, politicians, academics and social scientists to analyze the most pressing problems facing humanity.

In this edition, the theme of the meeting will be rebuilding trust, with the aim of restoring global cooperation and solidarity in the face of the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change, inequality and digital transformation.

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