The Czech Prosecutor’s Office will request the withdrawal of immunity from the Prime Minister – Prensa Latina

These investigations go back six years and call into question European funds made by the luxury tourism venture linked to Babes, which was theoretically intended for small and medium-sized businesses.

The lawsuit was revived after an international press investigation revealed that the president was involved in the Pandora Papers, a scandal with ramifications for politicians and other personalities who evaded the Treasury through offshore companies in tax havens.

The process will begin in the next legislature in November, when the prime minister is likely to step down.

Babis claimed that the money lent by the European Union had already been repaid.

The final decision on the indictment by the public prosecutor was supposed to be known on Monday, but with the elections in early October the period of immunity was renewed.

The first parliamentary session is scheduled for November 8. Papis’ party won 72 seats to 108 from a coalition of liberals or conservatives, which is likely to take power.

Negotiations to form a government slowed down after President Milos Zeman was urgently hospitalized on the 10th, without revealing a medical diagnosis.

Indeed, the day before the process began, the Senate Constitutional Committee approved the impeachment of the 77-year-old president.

The director of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, Miroslav Zavoral, considered in his report that Zeman could not perform “any kind of task and the long-term prognosis is very uncertain, so his return in the coming weeks is extremely unlikely.”

After learning this information, the Senate decided to start discussions and actions stipulated in Article 66 of the Constitution, which provides for the transfer of powers to the future Prime Minister and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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According to Commission Chair Zdenek Haraba, the Senate must approve the implementation of the regulation on November 5, while the House of Representatives will approve it on the eighth of its first session after the legislative elections in early October.

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