The Costa Rican government requests a report on the vaccination against the Covid-19 virus – Prensa Latina

“Our goal is to vaccinate the people,” President Carlos Alvarado said in his regular board of directors every Tuesday. We want to take care of the population and vaccinate it for the benefit of all.

Specifically, Alvarado and Health Minister Daniel Salas signed the executive decree requiring, as of Friday, that officials and public servants be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The document includes private sector workers whose employers, within their internal labor regulations, have decided to choose to include said vaccination as mandatory in their workplaces.

The text states that it will be the employer’s responsibility to take appropriate measures in accordance with state legislation and institutional regulations, in the case of workers who do not wish to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Regarding the report that will be presented at the beginning of next month, the Board of Directors clarified that the entities will only provide general data without individual or sensitive details, and that they will carry out an awareness-raising process among unvaccinated people about the need for immunization against them. This disease.

If it does not take effect – continued – they will pass the instruction to do so to the officials who refuse to vaccinate, who will have five to 10 working days to comply with the order, and once the period is exhausted, they will do so. He faces disciplinary action such as an administrative action, a specific fine – basic salary – and denunciation before the Public Prosecution Office.

In this regard, the Minister of the Presidency of the Republic, Giannina Dinarte, explained that the report will contain the number of employees with a full schedule, from people who received the first doses, who have a certificate of medical contraindication to this vaccination, and who have not been vaccinated.

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Dinart announced that they will request a second report on the matter on November 26.

For this reason, he highlighted the need to make all necessary efforts to promote vaccination, and the importance of protecting people’s confidentiality and following due legal procedures in applying mandatory immunization.

When justifying the obligation to vaccinate against Covid-19, Casa Presidencial said deaths associated with the disease in Costa Rica represent the highest number of deaths in modern times from a single cause.

The Minister of Health stressed that “the fact that Costa Rica has vaccines available and that there are people who do not want to do this is painful and we must continue to work.”

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