‘Big mistakes’ made in the UK at the start of COVID-19 claimed thousands of lives

A devastating report from the British Parliament on the initial response to the pandemic in the UK. The British government and its scientific advisors have committed “big mistakes”, says the document published on Tuesday. The text ensures that a strategy has been used “wrong” That caused many unnecessary deaths.

Cabinet Office Minister Stephen Barclay did not apologize:

“There are lessons to be learned, but the point is that we make decisions based on science. We have protected the NHS (British Health System). We are distributing the vaccine at a steady rate, but we accept that there are lessons to be learned, we are excited to do so.”.

And the report prepared by the Parliamentary Committees for Science and Health entitled ‘Coronavirus: lessons learned so far’, confirms that Johnson’s government took a long time to impose the closure, which has claimed thousands of lives.

In conclusion, those first bad decisions are among the UK’s biggest public health failures. Errors that revealed important shortcomings in “Machines” Government: For example, vital information was not shared and scientific advice lacked transparency.

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