The conclusion of the masculinity workshops puts reflections and proposals to address gender issues in action – Faculty of Social Sciences

A total of 40 workers from the entire Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile participated in the “Workshops of Virility: Reflections on the Coexistence of the Genders at Work”, which held its closing ceremony on June 16. The workshops were led by a team of specialists consisting of Claudio Duarte, Francisco Farias and Manolo Aranda in the School of Social Sciences.

In the middle of the buildings that compose it On June 16, the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile held the ceremony that concluded the “Masculinity Workshops: Reflections on the Coexistence of Gender at Work”. Which was organized with the aim of developing a training process that contributes to the systematic thinking and diagnosis of the different gender relations with the aim of promoting positive coexistence in the various units.

Initiating an unprecedented process in Cs. social

the The virility workshops are part of the university’s Equality Seal creation project, which is being led by the Cs gender department. social. This initiative expresses the authorities’ commitments to the protocols in force from the Rectory to promote gender equality in university coexistence.

The activity was jointly coordinated by Gender Department and Personnel Management and Development Unit (UDGP) in our college. In addition, he had the support of the Vice Dean, in formally inviting attendance, welcoming sessions of both groups, and in managing with sentence To develop and conclude the aforementioned workshops.

He was fully involved – 41 workers from various units of the college. Who were divided into two working groups in months April and May 2023. Each group thought through three sessions during working hours. From 9 a.m. to 12 noon, in Lecture Room B-10 on the Juan Gómez Milas (JGM) campus.

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The ceremony was marked by welcome remarks from the Director Directorate of Gender, Carolina Franch, who thanked the commitment and participation of the faculty in all of these workshop sessions and how in the reminders that were given it was also possible to learn about their areas and work teams.

In this case, the file Dean Teresa Matos, He pointed out the importance of bringing about profound changes in the college, especially of a cultural nature. Promoting and creating more spaces for meeting and reflection within the College has been one of the focuses of the current Dean’s Office and is expected to continue through the year, with more infrastructure allowing for this.

he Deputy Dean Christian Mirada, He emphasized the key role of training processes and how these changes could be directed from there. This undoubtedly requires the cooperation of the various people who make up the faculty community to make it sustainable over time with the aim of social transformation.

Then one of the rapporteurs, namely Professor Claudio Duarte from the Department of Sociology, He noted that this pilot experiment aims to open discussions about “backpacking” related to gender roles and the mandates that men bear, and has received excellent evaluation in other university settings. As an example, he mentioned the interest on the part of other colleges and vice-presidents to repeat this experience for officials and academics as well, given the positive results it has achieved in our society.

The closing ceremony also included lyrics Sergio Gutierrez, butler of the college, who shared his thoughts on the work done during the masculinity workshop sessions, highlighting the participatory methodologies and topics addressed in the mentioned spaces. He also pointed out the necessity of continuing these initiatives aimed at coexistence within the institution.

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for his part, Loreto Este, responsible for organizational development and training, He thanked the presence of each of the men working in the college, the team of rapporteurs, the authorities present, and members of the faculty. Gender Directorate, Carolina Franch and Andrea Baeza, for their support and work done, highlighting the interest of the People Management and Development Unit (UGDP) To install and continue to develop issues of coexistence in the university workplace.

The ceremony concluded with the awarding of certificates sentence for each of those present Manhood Workshops 2023, by Carolina Franch, Loreto Estay, along with Dean Teresa Matos, Vice Dean Christian Miranda, and Representatives Officers Alejandra Cornejo and Paula Donner.

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