UES medical degree to open in January 2024: Rector

Written by Mary Montejo
In January 2024, the State University of Sonora (UES) will open bachelor’s degrees in general medicine and community medicine, said university president Armando Moreno Soto.

The head of the foundation explained that 35 students will be accepted to study this profession, which focuses on community and rural development.

“It is already a reality. It will open in January, unusually, but we want to open it as soon as possible. The call is already on the university portal, and there are many people pre-registering, and we will do the full procedure to select 35 (students), There are already more than 300 people pre-registered and what will come will be a complete procedure for taking the exam and taking into account the grades they get from high school,” said Dean of UES.

Armando Moreno Soto explained that the course aims to train doctors who do not have an immediate specialty, as priority will be given to serving rural and community areas.

The Rector of Sonora State University indicated that the first three semesters of the bachelor’s degree in general medicine and community medicine will be studied in the institution’s facilities.

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