The Colombian ambassador to the UK requested that the Tricolor not play in the qualifiers if the ELN did not release Luis Díaz’s father


The situation regarding the kidnapping of my father Luis Diaz It shocked the Colombian people and the world in general. Saturday marks one week since the arrest of Luis Manuel Diaz.

Although it is known that The player’s mother, Selenis Marulanda, was found by a group of uniformed officers Hours after their kidnapping in Barrancas, La Guajira, the father is still deprived of his freedom.

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After a week of uncertainty, during which there were fears that Luis Manuel would not be removed from Colombian territory, it was confirmed that the kidnapping had been carried out by Colombian security forces. National Liberation Army (ELN), Who claimed responsibility through Oti Patiño, the government’s chief negotiator with the ELN.

Given this fact, Ruy Barreras, Colombia’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom, pointed out in his letter

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From London, they are demanding that the ELN release the father of “Luco” Díaz before November 17, and if they do not do so, Colombia will not play the qualifying match. “Brazil has no choice but to release him,” was Parreiras’ message.

The 26-year-old Guajiro footballer is upset by Liverpool’s calls due to this difficult family situation.

In fact, he missed the Premier League Round 10 match, which was also Wednesday’s League Cup fourth round tie against Bournemouth.

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On Sunday they face Luton in Round 11, but strategist Jurgen Klopp has left the player free to decide whether he will be there or not.

“In the session he had with us, you can see that when he is with the players he is fine, he is fine, but You can see he hasn’t slept much.The Liverpool coach explained.

“The news from Colombia gives us some hope. “We are waiting for the real good news.” “Whether he is available or not, we will not force anything,” said Klopp, who admitted that “everything depends” on Luis Diaz.

Regarding Barreras’ request, the Colombian Football Federation has not yet commented. It remains to be seen how this issue will develop and whether the ELN backs down from extraditing Lucho’s father before the qualifiers.

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