Are you over 50 years old? These are the eight tips to have an active and healthy mind

Crossing a barrier 50 years It has its consequences on mental and physical health, above all, if you do not take the necessary precautions to reach this age in good health.

This age group can and does suffer from dementia Memory problemsThis is why it becomes necessary to learn how to maintain an active and healthy mind. investigating in University of Canberra In Australia, discover the way to improve mental health after the age of fifty.

According to this study, doing light exercise for 45 minutes at least once a week helps maintain a healthy mind and improve memory.

Experts found that one of these activities is yoga, a discipline that connects mind, body and spirit, because it increases the power of attention and cognitive skills, but it can also be any other moderate exercise that allows for an active and healthier life.

What to do to improve memory at the age of fifty

Research conducted by the University of Canberra in Australia has discovered a way to achieve better mental health after the age of 50.

In this study, they claim that gentle exercise for 45 minutes at least once a week helps maintain a healthy mind and improve memory.

The activity that performs this function is yoga, which is the system that connects the mind, body and spirit, and is able to increase the attention power and cognitive abilities of people in their fifties. It can also be any other moderate activity.

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How do you live life after 50 years?

If you are over 50, it is essential that you follow a series of habits that will make you feel healthier, more active and happier.

Below we tell you what they are:

  • Reduce or eliminate alcohol
  • Do exercise regularly

What should we do to keep our minds active?

Keeping your mind active seems like an easy task, but it is not if you do not follow a series of habits. These tips will help you increase your attention and cognitive skills.

Below we tell you what habits help you keep your mind active:

  • Eat a balanced diet without abusing chemicals
  • Socialize with others
  • Take moments to relax
  • Always exercise your mind

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How do you keep your mind active in old age?

Senior citizens need to adopt a series of activities that will benefit their mental health and help them have an active mind.

It is a healthy habit to add exercise because it has a positive effect on brain health. Experts confirm that a moderate training routine prevents decline in cognitive abilities in older people.

In addition, to keep your mind active in old age, you should do the following:

Reduce or eliminate alcohol

Quit smoking

Eat healthy and varied food

sleep well

Do exercise regularly

Socialize with others and avoid feeling lonely

Exercise the mind

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