The College of Physical Culture and Sport Sciences at UJED will conduct physical exams for newly admitted youth –

  • The measure will apply from Term A of 2023

The College of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences of the University of Juarez, Durango State (FCCFYD-UJED) has opened registration for new students who have completed the preparatory semester, who must also pass a medical exam, announced April Avila Zúñiga, Director of the Academic Unit.

Ávila Zúñiga stated that the college under his responsibility aims to train specialists in physical education and sports, with a broad profile so that they can act as physical education teachers at all levels of the Mexican educational system, as sports coaches contributing to the promotion and practice of different sports disciplines; As administrators to direct and organize sporting events, sports companies and professional teams, as promoters, promoting entertainment, quality of life and overall development.

He also noted that in the domes in front of the college, physical assessments were carried out on the young men, with a total of 40 applicants for the preparatory semester who were evaluated in aspects such as strength, flexibility, speed, resistance and agility. .

In this sense, he explained that the applicants must fulfill these requirements, as they are meant to be the fittest and with the best financial qualities, as they will be the ones responsible for the children and youth groups in the country. different schools in the future. Mexico is among the first places in obesity worldwide, so actions and programs are required that physical education teachers must implement, and they must be the best in their profession.

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