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There was a time when music festivals were just music festivals. With time and largely due to social networks, they have become well-curated and, at times, surreal fashion runways. Gone are the times when the public came up with clothes, the older the better, so as not to be afraid to spoil them.

Today, the image is everything, so the audience, especially the women, cares about their every look down to the millimeter to go to concerts which, at times, fade into the background. And the model of this craze for aesthetics is found in the territory of California. Founded in 1946 and one of the fastest growing cities in the United States (from 1,000 residents in its assets to 41,000 in 2020), Coachella became the benchmark for indie music in 1999.

Then it’s been 30 years since the celebration of Woodstock, the capitalized festival that brought together rock’s greatest and bequeathed to posterity an aesthetic that many still emulate to this day and that forms the basis of the festival’s most popular look today in a day. The same year that Coachella was born, three decades of the greatest hippie event ever was celebrated with a festival that turned into a disaster.

In the face of disaster, Coachella was born and as bloggers stormed in, it became the most photographed boho platform. As antecedents for the “instagrammer” of the event were the famous costumes of celebrities such as Kate Moss in the English Glastonbury, which came to be crowned with rubber boots. But the climate of the United Kingdom and the climate of the California desert have little to do with it, and even less with the mud that covers the entire English enclosure. Thus, Glastonbury was positioned as a festival of down-to-earth costumes while Coachella was reserved for the more “chic” costumes of the moment. So much so, that many brands have named their summer capsule collections.

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And this year, the madness is back. It was in 2012 when this festival took a huge leap by extending its celebration to a weekend led by the most famous artists. After the pandemic halted and a slightly more decaf version was released in 2022, Coachella is back, as triumphant as ever. But something in fashion has changed.

Following the adage that when something’s “mainstream,” prescribers dismiss it and seek new fads, it seems the celebs who attended Coachella this year have opted for the comfort it takes for three days filled with parties and dances. While the “Coachella look” full of braids, stickers, and fringes has conquered music festivals all over the planet (just take a look at the “street style” of events like Mad Cool or Primavera Sound), the more massive event seems set to write the next chapter of festival fashion. .

Such is the case of Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber, two great fashion icons of Generation Z, they opted for simple outfits with basic T-shirts and jeans or an all-black look. Nothing really done by those who have been going to festivals for years with the mundane goal of listening to the artists who fill the bill. Although there are, of course, loyal to their style. Such is the case of supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio, who hasn’t ditched that hippie glamor she dresses year after year for the occasion.


In any case, there is no doubt that festivals are a mirror of the social moment we are living in, and of course also of the trends that will rule fashion this summer. Although everything went to extremes, dresses with geometric cuts and sheer membranes that we could find in the catalog of any store were seen at Coachella. Body-sculpting T-shirts and T-shirts in the purest Schiaparelli style, fishnets and visible panties (a controversial trend that has already conquered some), jeans and trousers with holes in shapes, underbust corsets or minimal T-shirts are some of the fashions that have left the viewer on this podium during last weekend.

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Few of these proposals sound comfortable and even less so for three days of music in the desert, but they are brush strokes for the coming months and the streets will adapt to a more functional aesthetic. Crochet, which was not missing at Woodstock, could not be missing at Coachella either as one of the great trends this summer.

And there is still a second weekend for this deserted and turbulent music platform.

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