The classic NES will receive a new fighting game in mid-2023

If you’re a retro fanatic and have an NES, you should take a look at Super Tilt Bro.

Super tilt brothers. It has three game modes: local, story and online

The fact that the console has been turned off does not mean that it cannot continue to receive new games. Without going any further, at the end of 2020 the Paprium for Mega Drive saw the light of day, a beat them which got very good reviews. Well, this time we have to talk about a file Platform touch fighting game for NES It’s called Super Tilt Bro. which is being developed by Broken studio. Study said I started a campaign on Kickstarter that It exceeded all expectations. Broken Studio has set a target of €40,000 and at the time of this writing has managed to raise over €51,000.

According to Broken Studio, Super Tilt Bro. It will be released around April 2024.. If you are interested, it can be yours from 55 euros and you will receive a package with the standard edition which includes the following: game box, cartridge, game guide, soundtrack in digital format and a digital comic book. Paying 80 euros or more, you get the collector’s version, which comes with the cartridge in a transparent blue sleeve where you can see the Wi-Fi chip.

NES game mid 2023 with online mode

If it’s already rare for a new title to be announced for the NES in the middle of 2023, it better have an online mode. Being able to play online with players from all over the world The Wi-Fi chip is integrated into the cartridge. On a gameplay level, it’s very simple. Let’s remember that the NES controller only has two action buttons, so one will be for hitting and one for jumping. By the way, in Super Tilt Bro. You get a ranking as you win matches. Also, when playing online It is possible to create a private game with a password. This is perfect for playing with friends and hosting tournaments. By the way, it is worth noting that it has a story mode.

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If you want to try the Super Tilt Bro. you can do that download rom And install the NES emulator on your computer. Another option is to play the demo on the original console and For the latter, you need an Everdrive cartridge.

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