The British press warns its residents of “mystery sharks” in Spain

Summer begins and Spain prepares for tourism in its countless beaches. and between everyone, The British are the most numerous of all foreign tourism. For example, through April, Spain received 1,353,323 citizens from the United Kingdom, almost 300,000 more citizens than Germans (the second country to send tourists to Spain).

But this year The United Kingdom is warning its citizens about the “mysterious case” of sharks off the Spanish coast. And all because in recent weeks many of them have been seen on the Spanish coast. Article titles in the sun.

Article in the sunthe sun

Contact the British journalist Director of the Florida Shark Research ProgramGavin Naylor, for trying to give An explanation of the sharks that have been seen in Mallorca, Menorca, Orihuela and Arosa Island. Naylor calls for calm and says such sudden scenes in such a short space of time They could be travelers We don’t see each other again in time, though he acknowledges that It is a mystery to scientists. “You could see in areas in different parts of the world that an area of ​​four or five miles would see many shark bites over the course of three months. But then nothing happened again the next year. One year in Long Island, the next year in “Hawaii…these are peaks that come in waves. So that doesn’t mean that this place will become an easy area for sharks to enter and therefore dangerous.”

Strange sightings of blue shark

Which is weird for Naylor Seeing blue sharks very close to the coastsuch as those seen on the coasts of Galicia and in Menorca. “Blue sharks have been seen near the coast, but what I have never seen before is a blue shark in the shallow waters of a tourist beach. These sharks live in the open sea and to see them it is necessary to sail 10 miles (16 kilometers). The only thing that crosses my mind Is that the current of cold water leads them to the coast … “.

In any case, the director of the Florida Shark Research Program is clear Water and food temperature It can be prime to see sharks measuring two meters high and weighing around 200 kilograms on the Spanish coasts.

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