The British Labor Party is backing away from its promise of major investments in renewable energy

February 8, 2024 – at 16:25

A year after promising to invest £28bn, the poll's favorite has fallen behind.


he Labor leader Keir Starmer backed away from his promise to invest £28bn on Thursday ($35,335 million) annually in eRenewable energy If he comes to power in the United Kingdom.

He said: “The Tories have destroyed the economy and it will not be possible to meet the £28bn-a-year commitment.” labor party, Center left, in a statement. Starmer, favorite in the polls To become Prime Minister at the election scheduled for this year, he made this promise in 2021, as an important element of Labour's green policy.

The crisis facing the United Kingdom

The UK is experiencing a serious cost of living crisiswith the highest inflation rate among the G7 countries, the group of seven most developed countries in the world, which The Labor Party blames political and economic decisions Conservative, in power for 14 years.

he labor Party has already been announcedOr last year that this budget promise could not be fulfilled before the second part of the potential period.

Advertising and the outrage of environmental organizations and unions in the United Kingdom

advertisement From Thursday It sparked the anger of environmental organizations and unions. Environment Party Green party He called this change, of course, “a huge step backwards for the climate, the economy and good jobs.”

The country needs 'more investment, not less'Unite, the UK's second-largest union and one of Labour's key allies, responded. The environmental NGO Greenpeace accused the Labor Party of caving in to conservative pressure.

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He added: “British people and businesses want a green industrial strategy, fit for the 21st century, not a meaningless plan with an empty wallet.” said Areeba Hamid, leader of Greenpeace UK.

This could see Labor lose points.

Months before the legislative elections, a date for which has not yet been set. The Conservatives, who trail Labor by 20 points in the pollsThey were quick to attack Keir Starmer, whom they accuse of frequently changing his policy promises.

He added: “This shows exactly what I have been saying until now, which is that they are backing away from important issues.” The Conservative Prime Minister noted, Rishi Sunak.

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