Biden is considering “taking action” on the border so that the migration wave does not explode in the elections

A few days ago, I challenged Texas Joe Biden With the construction of a wall between the state and Mexico. “We will not back down,” said Governor Greg Abbott, a rebel against the Democratic president's immigration policy, which many in the United States consider ineffective. But this Thursday is an exclusive report from the American network nbc She revealed that the White House is studying implementation “Executive measures” To deter the flow of migration.

the investigation Two anonymous US officials quote that the president will seek to act before the numbers at the border, which showed a decline last month, rise again and reach All-time highs reached last year – In December, a record high of 10,000 illegal crossings per day has already been recorded. The proposal comes after the failure of the immigration deal in the Senate on Wednesday, where hard-line Republicans were able to truncate one of the presidential ambitions by about 60 votes.

Now, Biden is considering a “Plan B,” one official told nbc. According to American media, the plans have been under study for months, although no further details are known. Tackling the immigration issue forcefully and averting the immigration crisis would be a great achievement for the president vis-à-vis immigrants. Presidential elections in Novemberwhere you are more likely to see faces again Donald Trump.

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The measures are still in the drafting stage and are not expected to be implemented immediately, but they could undoubtedly spark controversy among progressives in Congress, who have already rejected the immigration plan despite highlighting that Democratic mayors have asked for more federal aid To deal with the influx of migrants into their cities.

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Biden, who is facing political criticism, especially within his own party, cited… Republican action As evidence of the Republican Party's unwillingness to address the immigration problem. Despite this argument, the president faces a weakness on this issue, according to a recent poll that puts him in more than one position 30 percentage points behind Who is his potential opponent in 2024 on border security and immigration control?

On Thursday, the Senate approved A Aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan Act In exchange for $95 billion after the failure of the border agreement, which included packages for the two warring countries. The bill allocates $95.34 billionIt received the support of 67 votes and 32 opposition, exceeding the threshold of 60 votes to move the project forward. Seventeen Republicans voted in favor of the bill, in a surprise reversal after they blocked the broader bill on Wednesday.

“It's a good first step,” said House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. “This bill is essential for our national security, for the security of our friends in Ukraine, in Israel, and for humanitarian aid to innocent civilians in Gaza and Taiwan.” Senate. There was no immediate news on when the 100-member chamber would consider final approval, with some senators saying they hoped to remain in session over the weekend if necessary. “We will continue to work on this bill until the work is completed.”Schumer said.

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The Biden administration has already taken unilateral measures in the past to stem the flow of migrants, e.g Restrictions introduced in May, which would allow the rapid deportation of more immigrants. However, the majority of detainees on US soil have been released, sparking criticism and debate about the effectiveness of such measures.

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