The British, Germans and Italians will invade Spain in October

According to data issued by Turespaña, during next October, compared to 2022, when 9.6 million were offered, The annual increase is 9.8%. Compared to last September before the pandemic, that is, in 2019, the data is much higher (393,552 more), because in October of that year the number of planned seats was 10.1 million.

“These data show that in addition to the consolidation of European markets, there is also good progress in distant markets, such as Mexico and the United States,” said Hector Gomez, Acting Minister of Tourism. We must continue to ensure air connectivity and projecting Spain as a sustainable, diverse and high-quality destination.

For the month of October this is a good performance for Poland (47.4% increase in seats compared to October 2022), Czech Republic (26.6% above last year) and Portugal (annual growth of 21.2%). It is also worth noting the annual growth in the number of seats on scheduled flights from Mexico next October, an increase of 20.5%.

“The expectation is that this is the last quarter of the year Ending an exceptional year The head of tourism said: “For tourism in our country, which everything indicates will continue in 2024.”

Regarding the percentage of seats on planned flights by country, The UK takes the leadwith 22.7% of the total seats reserved for this month, followed by Germany14.9%, and Italy8.9%. These three constitute nearly half of the reserved seats.

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