How do you know the location of a cell phone just from the phone number? – Teach me science

In recent years, using mobile phones has become an essential habit for our survival; We can no longer imagine our lives without this device, because it has become a very valuable tool through which we can communicate and through which we can protect our privacy. Information.

From a security point of view, a cell phone also provides us with many benefits, such as the possibility of knowing the exact location using only the phone number, which can be very useful when we want to track our device or a person. This time we’ll tell you how to do it, so pay attention.

Being able to locate someone through their cellular device and using their phone number is very easy and quick, without having to download third party apps or pay any cost for the service.

This is possible thanks to the fact that the vast majority of mobile phones come built-in with it Google Mapswhich is a geolocation and land navigation tool used by the majority of iOS and Android device users, since both systems have this tool active since their manufacture.

Through Google Maps, we can know the exact location of a cell phone in real time, thanks to the built-in GPS service.

Cell phone tracking service by phone number can be very useful when we want to know the location of our devices for security reasons and to help us protect our personal information.

It can also be useful when we want to know the location of our loved ones, such as children, siblings, family or friends, as a free security strategy.

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Activating this service is very simple, and you do not have to pay any additional cost. All you have to do is follow the following steps that we explain to you below.

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How to activate the cell phone tracking service by number?

First, you should add the phone number to your contacts and also register their email. Gmail that you have active on your cellular device that you want to locate.

After that you should open the Google Maps application on your cell phone and go to the option “Google profile”which is located in the upper right.

A menu will be automatically displayed where you have to select the option “Share location“Then choose”New post‘.

Next, you must choose the length of time you want to share and finally select “Involved‘.

Once you have completed this series of steps, you can track the cell phone from another device or from a computer.

From your computer, simply open your browser Googleand search for options: ‘Find your mobile phone“,”Find your phone‘ also ‘Find your device“, any one of the three is useful.

After that, a list of devices will open that will allow you to know their location, where you should select the device you are interested in and it will automatically open a map with the exact location and show you if it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. -Fi network, battery level and when you were last seen in that location.

In addition to the options:’Play sound, “Lock device” or “Factory reset”‘, if necessary.

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From a device you can install the application’Find my device‘ from Google Appswhere the same options will appear as on the computer.

Activating a cell phone tracking service is very easy and quick, plus it can be very useful in the future in case you lose your device or find out the location of a loved one.

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