The British Finance Minister announced a plan to reduce inflation and ruled out tax cuts

This came within the framework of strong pressure exerted by the retained MPs to reduce the tax burden.

he British Finance Minister Jeremy Huntadvertisement Plans to reduce inflation And stimulate growth economicand at the moment Exclude tax deductions. This came in the context of Conservative parliamentarians They demand a reduction in the tax burden.

He confirmed this during a speech he delivered this morning at the European headquarters of Bloomberg in London “The best tax cut now is to reduce inflation.”which Exceeds 10% on an annual basis. In this sense, reducing inflation is described as “The only sustainable way to restore industrial harmony” in the country.

About the Criticism of the impact of Brexit And the economy in general, Hunt He pointed out that the country's growth was higher than that of France, Japan and Italy Since the financial collapse of 2008, despite the economic challenges of the past decade. “Just like other countries, The UK faces economic headwindscaused by A A decade of black swan eventsHe said: A financial crisis, a pandemic, and then an international energy crisis.

“And my party understands better than others The importance of low taxes for creating incentives And encouragement Stimulating economic growthHe added, after highlighting that individuals and companies can only bear risks when governments provide them with this Economic and financial stability.

According to the minister, the best tax cut at the moment is to reduce inflation and will only be reduced “when the time is right”, while Brexit and investment outside London will be used to boost economic growth.

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Requests and expectations of the Minister

These statements of the Minister are also framed in context Strikes in the public sector And Fears of a possible recession. For his part, Hunt He called for a “more positive attitude towards risk.”Claiming that the UK is “too cautious” compared to the US. He said that He wants Brexit to be a “catalyst” for economic growth And improve the country's economy.

London government Urging innovative companies to more easily access capitalAnd referred to Edinburgh Reforms Package Aiming to make the UK a place More competitive for companies.

Hunt addressed the long-term impact of the pandemic on the UK workforce, and said: One fifth of working-age adults are economically inactiveWith about five million people unemployed. In this sense, the Minister He urged those who left work“The UK needs them,” he added. “If we do not unleash the potential of all citizens, we will never be able to fulfill the country’s potential.”

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