The birthdays and commentary of the playoffs: “Three friendly options for La Ruga football are being considered

Monday 08 March 2021 | 14:03

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Head of ANFP, Pablo Milad, On Monday it was revealed that they are looking forward to holding two friendlies for the Chilean team, taking advantage of the suspension of the March matches by World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

The coach of the national soccer team said the idea to fix these friendly matches is from the coach Martin Lasarte You have time to test your players before playing again on your way to the next World Cup.

There are three options under consideration. Play a game with a team in South America, go for a home tour in Asia or play home and abroad matches with a European team. “You are looking at the logistics,” Milad said.

“We want our team to have a competition. He added that the players are tested in direct matches and not in the qualifiers.”

Regarding the suspension of the fifth and sixth dates of the qualifiers, the former Corico UNIDO captain noted that “it was very difficult to make such a decision, and this means that some teams cannot have around 18 players.”

“We had a meeting with the FIFA president that lasted about three hours. FIFA tried to find alternatives, but we were not convinced. There was a suggestion to play in Europe and the United States.”

Regarding possible solutions to avoid delaying the qualification dispute, the former mayor told Molly that they “have to set a double FIFA date with four matches or two triple dates, which we believe is the closest to holding it (…) There is no intention to suspend the World Cup. The commitment was to meet the dates. OUTSTANDING YES OR YES “.

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