Kristen Stewart cast the role of Diana Wells in Germany

Kristen Stewart He was caught by the paparazzi in the middle of the recordings of the new movie Spencer Which follows lives Princess Diana During her separation from Prince Charles.

The American actress was photographed in Dolmen, Germany, looking like a mature Diana, but with a sad and exhausted image as she carefully walks through gardens. Scholes Marquart In Potsdam, while the cameras followed.

She wore a smart pink and beige coat, a turtleneck jacket, black pants, and ankle-fitted shoes.

Her hair appeared thickly Bob Blond, hardly any face Make-up In light colors and in line with the slopes.

While working, her team moved by following sanitation rules, with each face mask, Which are essential both inside and outside of recording groups.

Foto: The Grosby Group

This is one of the few leaked photos from American AS Diana While recording.

Previously, a preview was released featuring a black mesh hat and cap, a red coat matching a high neck blouse and a stylish bow. Preppy Also black.

In another revealed photo, a star twilight With Search Similar to those Lady D., In a red and green plaid coat, beige jacket, and square sunglasses.

Spencer After a weekend in Princess Diana’s life 15 years before her separation from the heir to the British throne, Charles.

The film is directed by Chile Pablo Larrain And the text he wrote Stephen Kate screenwriter Peaky masks.

In an interview with final date, The director defended his decision by choosing big success 30 years as a hero when he started criticism and questioned her work.

“Kristen is one of the best actresses today. Kristen can be a lot of things, and she can be very mysterious and very fragile and ultimately also very strong, what do we need,” Laren said.

He added, “The combination of these elements made me think about it. The way he responded to the script and how he deals with the character, it’s nice to watch. I think he would do something surprising and curious at the same time.”

According to early synopses, the movie will deal with the moment before Christmas in 1991, When Lady D. She realized that she “needed to deviate from the path she put on the line to become a queen someday.”

The tape is currently recorded in Germany, With clips alternating with United kingdom.

After the first pictures were revealed, Prof. Accuracy critic When experts said that Diana did not spend her weekend in Sandringham before her divorce.

The Royal Biography BookRobert Jobson and Ingrid Seward said in an interview with True Royalty TV That the princess had stopped frequenting the estate before the plot unfolded.

I don’t think she was there this weekend. “He wasn’t even in Sandringham this supposed weekend,” Jobson said.

He added, “The film will indicate that the divorce decision was taken here, but she never made this decision, and I did not think that she was in Sandringham after 1990 and this was in 1991.”

“The film is taken from three days in Sandringham, and the period in which Diana was shown is no longer going to Sandringham,” Ingrid added.

Compared to drama the crownThe aim of the film is not to delve into the tragic death of the princess, but to focus on her Relationship with Kings And his relationship with his sons the princes Harry Wai William.

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