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We live in an age of technology, where most of our surroundings depend on advanced electronic devices that make our daily lives easier.

Undoubtedly, all this advanced technology developed by our species is very useful, for example, it is applied in areas such as construction, medicine, communications and entertainment, among other no less important areas.

However, although the level of benefit given to all this technology is clear, not everything it causes is benefit, because just as there are people willing to do good with all these developments, there are also people with advanced knowledge in technology who only seek to harm Internet users. , steal their data, usurp their identities, and block access to accounts, among other things. These criminals are usually known as hackers.

Likewise, it is important to note the arrival of smartphones, or smartphones, which are mobile electronic devices, created with the ability to store hundreds and hundreds of multimedia and text files, depending on the model, and even more, with various functions from Internet connection, camera, Bluetooth. , and others.

Since the launch of the first smartphone until today, these devices have evolved into what we know today, advancing step by step to the level of technology that we see in today’s most advanced mobile phones. However, there are always vulnerabilities in cyberspace anywhere. Software, which is the space that hackers exploit to steal private information from users of these smartphones.

Recently, during a technology expo in Las Vegas,>, At a conference held by Joe Bush, hacking expert and researcher, he spoke about the importance of turning off Bluetooth properly when not in use, because, if you don’t, you could be at risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.

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Bosch conducted a demonstration in front of the public to demonstrate the consequences that can occur if your mobile device’s Bluetooth is not turned off properly.

In the demo, Joe focused his talk on iPhones, which have two ways to disable Bluetooth, through the Control Center, which just disconnects your devices from the connection, and through the Settings app, where it turns it off completely.

For the conference, a device was designed based on two antennas and a Bluetooth adapter compatible with Linux, as well as a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and a portable battery, devices that cost about $1,300 Mexican pesos, already in euro conversion. .

When the testing began, the results were as expected, with the device Joe had built sending notifications to his iPhone asking for his passwords or biometric access as if it were an Apple notification.

Fortunately, for the demo cell phone, Bosch has configured this device only for hacking, but not for data mining, a configuration that any hacker can easily access to obtain the data of any user who has their Bluetooth active.

The mission of the hacker device is to take advantage of Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE, that tool we all know and use, and it acts as if another Apple device were trying to access your iPhone, causing notification windows to appear repeatedly.

To avoid this type of situation, experts recommend always disabling Bluetooth from the settings, to prevent your device from constantly scanning for connections, and activating it in the same way only when it is busy.

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