The “Best UFO Picture” has been hidden for more than 30 years and has finally come to light

The belief that there is intelligent life on other planets is an idea that I have tried for years to verify The most diverse theories and scenes of all kinds.

These stories even inspired science fiction films.You always focus on a different race that doesn’t have more friendly goals. Even the concept of their shapes and numbers is also due to the fact that from time to time certain videos or purported images circulate which, although not clear, reinforce the ideas of Who strongly believe in the use of flying saucers.

CurrentlyAn Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) image taken in 1990 in the United Kingdom has been revealed. Part of the so-called “Calvin Affair”, this incident that caused an uproar was recognized more than 30 years later.

On August 4, 1990, two young men photographed a 30-meter flying UFO in CalvinTherefore, fearing what they saw, they hid the viewing photos and later analyzed them.

When they developed the photos they made a decision and sent them to the newspaper daily log. Based on the reports, A newspaper employee had contacted the Ministry of Defense to expose the case. However, the UK government decided to hide it and gave it the name “Calvin Case”.

The mysterious flying object was shaped like a diamond and hovered in the sky. for 32 years, That image disappeared from the public eye and became the target of theories and myths. Until now. British researcher and journalist David Clark He was captured by Craig Lindsay, a retired Air Force press officer. The news went viral after accounts like Jaime Maussan started spreading it.

This image is a copy of one of the originals, kept by former RAF officer Craig LindseyTwitter

After 13 years of investigation, Clark, who is a curator of the British National Archives and is now a lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, discovers that former RAF press officer Craig Lindsay, Keep a copy of the last remaining original. The photo will be one of a series of six photos taken by the parks and You can see the unknown object, “accompanied” by a combat aircraft, and it is visible in the background.

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In an interview with NEWSWEEKAnd the Clark mentioned that The identities of those who took the photo will remain unknown, at least until 2072To protect your privacy.

Calvin's photo, taken in August 1990, has been hidden for more than 30 years
Calvin’s photo, taken in August 1990, has been hidden for more than 30 yearsDavid Clark

As Lindsey Clark told, the two men They worked as cooks in a hotel in Pitlochry, in the Scottish Highlandswhen they decided, one summer afternoon, to go for a walk in the hills near Calvin:

“They saw this thing in the sky and it frightened them, they ran into a forest and heard this plane going down the valley and then two minutes later, He returned and began to orbit the object. Then they took the pictures,” Clark described to the mentioned media.

It is not yet clear whether what they saw was an extraterrestrial phenomenon, although the journalist admitted that the photo “By far the best UFO imaging“Never seen, he does not believe that the object in the photo is actually a UFO.”I think it was man-made somewhere in a secret barn‘, announced to daily Mail.

It is believed that the mysterious flying object could be the “Aurora”, a secret reconnaissance aircraft that has only been rumored to exist. “The other option is that the whole thing was a practical joke that got out of hand.”added to Newsweek.

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