The Argentine national team meets again in Philadelphia for a tour of the United States: will Lionel Messi go?

World champions arrive in Philadelphia. Every time they meet again, the smiles and good vibes of the group that are reinforced by all the experiences they have gone through automatically appear. Nicolas Tagliafico, Julian Alvarez, Cristian Romero, Giovanni Lo Celso and the children Valentin Barco, Facundo Buonanotti and Valentin Carbone were the first players to arrive on Sunday in the United States, where the team's technical staff arrived. Argentine national team Waiting since the weekend. The injured Lionel Messi was ruled out of both matches.

Early Monday, the bulk of the delegation will meet, in the afternoon, for the first of four training sessions they will have before the first friendly match of this tour, on Friday against El Salvador.

Would Leo say the same thing? Although the number “10”, who injured the hamstring in his right leg, has not yet been officially excluded from the AFC call-up, Major League Soccer has not included him among the players leaving their teams to fulfill the obligations related to FIFA's deadline for this. It is assumed that he will remain in Miami to recover. Without the captain, either Angel Di Maria or Nicolas Otamendi will wear the strip.

Messi's loss was not the only attack. There will also be no Paulo Dybala, who has suffered his fifth muscle injury so far this season. Will Scaloni call someone else? The decision will be announced during these hours, and it is the first for the national team on North American soil.

Nicholas Tagliafico with physical trainer Luis Martin in Philadelphia.

The team is scheduled to train on Monday afternoon at the Financial Stadium, which is the same place where the match will be held on Friday.

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