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My cell phone does not stop receiving new functions from WhatsApp, because now it has decided to redesign its QR code so that you can see it as soon as you open the application on your cell phone. what's new? Well, in addition to being able to join someone in a private conversation, it also serves the purpose of receiving money. How is it done? As you know, this tool is gradually being integrated around the world and it is expected that it will also reach cities such as Lima, Bogota, Mexico, Santiago and others. The new button is located right next to the name of the quick messaging app and is very useful as you won't have to do as many steps to locate it. Of course, remember to keep an eye on all Meta updates so you don't miss any details: you can download it from the iOS Store or Google Play.

What is the new WhatsApp button and what is its purpose?

  • WhatsApp's new tool is designed not only to share your contact number.
  • According to the site This will be used to receive cash transactions with your friends.
  • Only this way You have to tap on the icon that looks like a QR code.
  • When you do that, A screen will be activated where you can enter the amount.
  • At that moment you just have to tell your friend that you sent him money.
  • despite this You will receive a notification that a deposit has been made for you.
  • Of course, for use You must link your bank account to WhatsApp.
  • Currently, this service is only available in some countries around the world, so it will receive this update first.
  • With the integration of QR code scanning function, lUsers no longer need to navigate multiple screens or follow multiple steps to make payments.
  • This tool is now available in WhatsApp for Android version
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WhatsApp | At the top of WhatsApp there is a new QR button. (Image: WABeta Info)

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