The American hurricane destroys Spain

In a few years they will surely establish the new silver. The second in the history of Spanish women’s water polo. But this Saturday in the pool, Tatsumi didn’t recognize himself. It’s true that the sport’s ghoul at the fore was an American team that had already overtaken the steamer shoe and looked a lot easier in Tokyo. But in the final, the North Americans swept away the Mickey Oka, too unfortunate, shy and superior without any coolness or choice from start to finish. In London 2012, the year of hatching, Spain lost 8-5. At least a decent result. Because at the end of the tournament in Japan there was only one team. The other was a smash game and was reduced to almost nothing. Nothing came of him in any way and he never conveyed, save for a few minutes in the second quarter, the impression that he could put his opponent in trouble. Silver will always be but it surely wasn’t the way they wanted to end up here. From the rest to the end, the Spaniards scored only one goal. The fact says it all.

The Spanish idea was to put the United States in a bind, to have doubts among the candidates and to believe that they were no longer as superior as they once were. But the opposite happened. The Americans jumped into the pool ready to line the line, not letting Spain pass even once, to get the ground in the middle soon to cut back on Miki Oca’s options.

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“They really are more humane,” said Mica Garcia this evening. It never looked like that. Because a hurricane fell on the Spanish players, and they lost and lost in attack, outnumbered in defense, and flooded the general lines. Goalkeeper Johnson (who finished 73% of her stops) was an insurmountable barrier to Spanish bowlers, who hit either her arms or the defenders. On the other hand, Mosselman or Stevens found the network. 1-4 At the end of this period I made it clear who was responsible.

Moreover, the United States took advantage of the cases of supremacy and omitted Spain on the few occasions on which it was possible to manufacture outright auctions. Like one by Roser Tarragó and the other by Maica Garcia.

Both would make up in the second quarter, a period in which Miki Oka called a timeout with a 1-6. Everything was falling apart. Debris was absolutely on both sides of the pond. This break was good for Spain, who are back in the pool ready to at least show some good water polo ingredients. Finally, Tarago and Mica Garcia outsmart Johnson and are joined by Pia Ortiz.

Breaking 4-7 at least reduced the damage and allowed us to believe that Miki Oka’s team could still dream of winning if they could tighten the score.

But it was just a mirage. The United States hit the gas again. Spain was forced to finish the match from afar and under the circumstances the American goalkeeper did not face much difficulties. On the contrary, Williams, Fisher and Gilchrist (professional surfer) angered Laura Esther, whose target fell on her. There was nothing to be done and Haralabidis, the penalty kick, and Fischer blushed 4-12 with a quarter to play. Even Spain couldn’t really look forward to a win and didn’t score in this period.

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This is not what the choice expected. It all came together. A prosperous afternoon for the Americans, the now three-time Olympic champion, and a poor game for the Spaniards. It was the way of the cross for those who disappeared from the Oca, who disappeared from the map. Roser Tarago was crying a lot on the bench while there were still five minutes left. It was a picture of anxiety. The USA had no mercy and their coach was not elegant because he asked for time in the absence of 2m30, and he won 9. on the podium with great bitterness.

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