The age rating of “Mary Poppins” has been raised due to racist language

The famous Disney film that won five Oscars, Mary PoppinsFrom now on, it will be classified as “Parental Supervision” under the abbreviation PG in English “Parent Guide”, Taking into account that it is used on several occasions a Discriminatory language Towards racist people.

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), which is considered to date film UK as “No Offensive Material”, recommends parental control for viewing by minors due to the inappropriateness of some of its content. The organization wanted to show in this way its involvement in the use of language in films aimed at young people to avoid content that could be Discrimination against vulnerable groups.

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To retreat.

This change comes, 60 years after the release of the feature film, due to the use of the term on two occasions Hottentot. This word was commonly used by Belgian settlers to disparagingly refer to the nomads who were among them The first groups of people of southern Africa in the 19th century, the Khoikhoi. However, the expression spread over time to refer to blacks in a racist manner. As reported this Monday before daily Mail.

This word is discriminatory towards racist people in United kingdom It is used, the first time, in a scene in which Admiral Boom alludes to people who are not shown on screen. After several viewings, he used the term on sight The protagonist's children are stained with sootWhich leads to darkening of their skin.

For this reason, the BBFC considered it concerning that parents would expose their children “To discriminatory language or behavior that they may find hurtful or inadvertently repeat.”. The change in classification is also due to the fact that the use of this term is not condemned in the plot of the film.

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The movie First time to Julie AndrewsHowever, only this new hashtag will be submitted In the theatrical versionso that it appears on platforms flow It will retain its previous “all ages” rating.

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