Spanish man disappears in the UK: testimony of his sister

Testimony of the missing sister

Seth is 31 years old He is from Tenerife and has lived in the United Kingdom for ten years, specifically in Yorkshire, where he lives. Missing, They haven't heard from him since February 24, and his sister Chirley told us about the situation in TardeAR.

According to her testimony, the last person her brother saw was her roommate and they were preparing to go to work: “When he came home, He saw that I wasn't there and it was very strange, “It all started from there.”

Seth's disappearance hypothesis

A family is said to have seen him in the river at four in the afternoon on the same day, although the family does not believe this account: “Supposedly a family saw him, he entered the water, he was supposedly swimming and singing and, suddenly, “They saw him drown and he never came out again.” They apparently called the police who were to arrive at the scene within ten minutes “even by helicopter” but they could not find him: “It is a bit strange for us to see.”

In addition, Shirley highlighted that until that moment everything had been normal: “His twin sister spoke to him on Thursday night, a normal call, and on Friday she sent us a WhatsApp message good night.”

For this reason, she is convinced that she did not leave of her own free will: “I don’t think my brother did this of her own free will.” He is an “ordinary” person, very funny, loves to dance and loves his children: “We don't understand anything.”

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