The Academy of Sciences refuses to appoint a new Minister of Science

The Academy of Sciences has expressed its disapproval of President Ivan Duque’s decision to appoint him as a new minister, noting that Christiane is accused of plagiarism in documents.

“The Colombian Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences expresses its surprise and disappointment at the appointment of Mr. Tito Cristian as the new Minister of Science, given his confirmed involvement in the plagiarism of academic documents,” the academy said.

As reported Friday by President Evan Duque, Tito Cressian is a business director from the Graduate School of Management and holds an MBA from the University of Miami, and in education from the University of the North. In addition, he is a member of science and technology organizations and President of the Universidad de la Costa.

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But according to the platform, Universidad de la Costa, of which Cristian was president, was embroiled in plagiarism scandals when, in previous years, the IOP publishing house withdrew 22 publications of the co-authorship of a professor from the Foundation for plagiarism and academic malpractices such as tampering in quotes.

Before appointing the new official, the academy expressed that this is a negative message to the Colombian community.

“This designation constitutes a very negative message to Colombian society, especially to the new generations, by ignoring unethical practices that are rejected by the scientific and academic community worldwide,” the academy said.

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