The Academy of Sciences commemorates the birth of Edilisa Bonelli de Calvente, mother of the Dominican marine biologist

Sunday, September 10, marks the 92nd birth anniversary of professor and marine biologist Edelissa Bonelli De Calvente, founder of Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic (ACRD) and to be the leader in marine sciences in the country.

In a statement, ACRD Environment and Natural Resources Committee Coordinator, Felicita Heredia, highlighted the contributions of Bonelli de Calvente, being the most famous and awarded Dominican woman in the field of science, which allowed her to be included in the list of the 10 most awarded women in America in leadership. the sciences.

The university professor also said: “Professor Edelisa has left a legacy for the scientific community, her fellow researchers and for all who can feed and imitate her well-known morals to use them wisely.”

He announced that a museum will be opened in the coming days at the headquarters of the scientific institution, where his works will be displayed.

The country’s mother of marine biology, who passed away at the age of 90 on July 3, 2022, is the only woman to be awarded the Laudatio Académica, the highest honor bestowed by the entity on its most distinguished members.

She was coordinator of the Environment Committee and the Board of Directors, among other important positions.

In 1962, she founded the UASD Marine Biology Research Center (Cibima) and later promoted the UASD College of Biology, where she taught from 1967 to 1986.

He established the Foundation for Marine Studies, Fundemar, devoted largely to the study of dolphins and coral reefs, among other studies.

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