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  • Dedicated to elementary school, sequences are shared that favor an approach to this history of meditation, narrative reading and imagery, dramatic acting and writing.
  • For high school, a podcast and two educational series are presented in which collective thinking about hero character construction in contemporary societies is encouraged, starting with the character of Manuel Belgrano.

Your school at home This week publishes educational sequences and a podcast series to tackle a new celebration of social science science day.

In this framework, for primary education Three suggestions are available:

The first part of it is designed for first graders, part of the recovery of ideas and knowledge on the topic for the subsequent promotion of readings and comments on the text with historical information and analysis of images in which it is possible to learn about the context and social representatives in it. In order to retell the story of writing and drama.

In the second sequence – as mentioned by the students of the second and third grades – work is done on the knowledge and meanings that favor the construction of a historical account. From the narrative approach, reading photos and text with pictograms favors moments of reflection with the family group about the importance of the promise to science.

The third sequence – proposed for the second course – takes knowledge on the topic; promotes moments of reading and exchange with the class group, organizing and presenting the information collected; Likewise, historical information to work with is presented from text and artwork. Family experiences are retrieved at the time the promise is made to science and, ultimately, an example of the creation and design of science itself is enabled. Family science.

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On the other hand, for each cycle ofhigh school An educational sequence is presented that proposes a reflexive journey around the concept of the hero and the social construction of his characteristics: from the character of Manuel Belgrano, an approximation is promoted to the historical context in which he lived, his decisions and the assumption of responsibility. its consequences. Discussion about the meaning and importance of creating science in a revolutionary context – and extrapolating a similar challenge today – is proposed through audiovisual resources, text-reading, maps, and the expressive possibilities of the plastic arts.

Likewise, within this framework, the podcast series Hero Trails is shared: three chapters in an audio story format in which the Voice and the Word are presented as a powerful immersion source for sharing narratives and rediscovering history, the social, and the Word. Cultural aspects of the time when Manuel Belgrano lived.

| primary education

Social Sciences | 1st grade

“A story with knowledge”.

Social Sciences | 2nd and 3rd grade

“The science of making a dream”.

Social Sciences | Fourth, fifth and sixth

The flag of independence.

| high school

Social Sciences | Basic course

“The Hero’s Way”.

oriented cycle

“The Hero’s Way”.

*Product Sequence “The Hero’s Path”.

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