The Academy of Sciences believes there is an “extended” period of two years to withdraw boats from the Ozama River

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources decided that it would not grant an operating permit to Transcontinental Capital Corporation (Bermuda), LTD (Seaboard) to maintain power-generating boats on the Ozama River, and issued Resolution 0022-2021, which gives a 24-month period to withdraw the Estrella del Mar III, which will replace Replace the current generator located there.

The president of the Academy of Sciences of the Dominican Republic, Luis Chaker Ortiz, welcomed the decision, but considered two years an extended period, as it is a condition that causes harm to the environment and can be extended.

“I congratulate them on the one hand that they have made a decision (…), but that period is too long, because removing and removing that battleship and other things does not take that long,” the academy president said. Sciences.

Chaker Ortiz indicated that this is not a new case in which they requested measures to be taken and indicated that the Academy of Sciences will remain vigilant against any irregularities in environmentally inappropriate situations.

Environmental expert Nelson Bautista indicated that the environmental decision sends a signal that it will be necessary to reorganize the issue of pollution of the Ozama River and that it is necessary to set a deadline for the final withdrawal of these barges and other industries that pollute it, despite all the decrees and decisions ordering the cleaning of the Ozama River.

Bautista pointed out that since 2016, they set deadlines and give them a long time: already that year, it was agreed not to renew this license and that the generator would withdraw within six months to a year.

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“We are in 2021, after five years, we give it deadlines,” Bautista reiterated, who made it clear that the current environmental management is not responsible for this part, but rather trusts that the current administration is compatible with the period.

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