The abolition of measures by Covid-19 sparked controversy in the UK – Prensa Latina

On the one hand, Calum Semple, a member of the British authorities’ advisory board, considered this a calculated risk rather than a gamble.

A professor of children’s health at the University of Liverpool confirmed, on Tuesday, in statements to Sky News, that there are very strong indications that vaccines are effective and protect the majority of people.

However, other colleagues at Semple, such as Mark Walport, believe that lifting restrictions will boost the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

I never think it would happen to anyone to lift all restrictions in one fell swoop while 25,000 infections are being reported a day, doubling every nine days, said Walport, who was once a scientific advisor to the government.

According to the expert, despite the successful vaccination campaign, the chain between infection and the most severe symptoms of the disease has not yet been completely broken.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the day before at a press conference that the government plans to remove all restrictions still in place due to Covid-19 and the decree to return to normal life in England from 19 July.

Although he made clear that the final decision would be made next week, Johnson said he was confident that in two weeks there would be no restrictions on the number of people who can meet indoors or outdoors.

We must be honest with ourselves, asking ourselves if we don’t reopen our doors now when we can return to normal life, wondered the Prime Minister, who admitted, however, that infections continue to rise and may reach 50,000 a day by July 19.

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Health Minister Sajid Javid was more hawkish on Tuesday about the increase in daily cases, saying by August it could reach 100,000.

The official, however, defended Johnson’s decision, saying the “reservation wall” he had erected would prevent hospitalizations and deaths from skyrocketing.

The opposition Labor Party supported the truce in principle, but believed that not all measures should be canceled at once.

I think we have to be careful, because we sacrificed a lot to get here. Labor MP Jonathan Ashworth asked: We’re reopening society and we’re having more people in restaurants and bars, but why don’t we wear a mask for longer?

In his first reaction the day before Johnson’s announcement, the organization’s leader, Keir Starmer, called the Conservative government irresponsible for trying to undo all measures at once.

The British unions also warned that it would be gross negligence to cancel the use of the mask in public transport, as it may represent a danger to workers in this sector.


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